ICVB member Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar- ICEC has kicked off the first technology revolution in its field in Türkiye

Istanbul Lutfi Kırdar – ICEC has begun a digital revolution in content and media management in its sector with the project called “The Global Convention Center of the Digital Era: Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar – ICEC”.  The Project transfers operations such as welcoming, guidance, and broadcasting to the digital environment, taking advantage of technology in all events and on all levels.

Istanbul Lutfi Kırdar – ICEC, has led the precursors to plenty of projects in the field within Türkiye including the prevention of paper waste and the establishment of effective communication mediums, in which events held in different time zones, can communicate in real-time.

The Project “The Global Convention Center of the Digital Era: Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar – ICEC” takes place as a part of the Regional Development Grant Programme that has been supported by ISTKA ( Istanbul Development Agency). The project aims to increase the diversity in regional tourism, to spread the congress of tourism and to provide an interactive service in the digital environment that will increase the efficacy of tourism services.

The Project has been considered as a big step in The Congress of Tourism in addition to the fact that the Project brings an innovative approach to running content and media management in an integrated way both before and during events, strengthening the communication of events located in different time zones that occur simultaneously. The Project also documents and tracks events that have transpired in the digital environment. Thus, visitors can follow up on previous panels and events whenever they want.

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