Medical Congresses meeting point Istanbul to host The European Congress on Head and Neck Oncology Conference

The European Congress on Head and Neck Oncology Conference, organized by the European Head And Neck Society will take place from 27th April to 30th April 2016 at Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre ICEC in Istanbul. The conference will cover areas like the object of the congress is to present the science of head and neck oncology in a multidisciplinary manner.

The rationale is to share knowledge and experience among different disciplines to develop strategies against tumors in the field. Scientific program will be enriched by a variety of panels, lectures and presentations focusing on frequently seen head.

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 İstanbul Ticaret Odası Ek Hizmet Binası Hobyar Mah. Seyhulislam Hayri Efendi Cad. No:14 K:6 Fatih – 34112 İstanbul

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 17:30

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