Member Interview: Eylem Atalay General Manager of
10, Karakoy Morgans Original

Short interview with our member Eylem Atalay General Manager of 10, Karakoy Morgans Original

Q: What makes your hotel different?

10, Karakoy Morgans Original showcases charm of the past as it embraces modern, sophisticated style with its distict style. It’s 19th century historical property redesigned by award-winning architect Sinan Kafadar. Located in one of the most vibrant districts of Istanbul and it adds a stylish vibe to the dynamic energy of Karakoy. Finally; boutique, personalized and high-quality service are our main distinguishing features.

Q: What do you see as crucial marketing elements to lure meeting planners?
I think the essential is promoting the non-traditional; function space, treats or set-ups for »outside the box« events. People have a desire for doing the undone and seeing the unseen. Bringing up new ideas, transforming the routine into a unique experience will play a key role in planners' preferences. Another element that we highlight for meeting planners is its easy accessibility. People can fly easily from all around the world. It's only 3-4 hours flight distance from European countries. Istanbul is also very rich city in terms of high quality properties with a high level service excellence. Hospitality is in our DNA as a culture.