Istanbul CVB member SETUR wins
Golden Spider Web Awards

Setur earns first place in “Non-Governmental Organizations/ Social Responsibility” category of “Golden Spider Web Awards”, one of the most prestigious awards across the web with specially designed for visually impaired visitors.

Offering unique travel experiences to its guests, Setur now becomes a trailblazer in the industry with a website ( that enables visually impaired visitors to organize their travel needs. The website earned the company first place in “Non-Governmental Organizations/ Social Responsibility” category at the “13th Golden Spider Web Awards”, which reaffirmed its success.

In a recent statement, Setur Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Selen Sözer noted that the website was among the most user-friendly websites prepared exclusively for the visually impaired. She added in her remarks their desire to raise awareness about the visually impaired which was the motivation behind the creation of the platform: “We hope that our platform will set a model for many other brands. With a history of more than fifty years, we are a socially responsible brand set to develop ‘projects for the disabled’ in upcoming terms. On behalf of the entire Setur Family, I would like to express my gratitude to all those involved in the project.”


Setur launched the disability-friendly in April 2014 which is accessible to more than 200.000 visually-impaired persons in Turkey. The mobile-friendly website offers content in a layout easy to use. Visitors are able to listen to the content with the help of a Screen Reader while surfing through different pages with a single touch of Tab key, accessing to from the main website of Setur ( by using Tab and Enter keys.