A quick talk with ISPI EMEA

Mrs. Tanja Georgievska, CPT – The Board Member of International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)

“Istanbul proved to be an excellent choice for the Annual ISPI EMEA Conference on “Focus on People and Performance: Beyond Training to Organization Results” that took place in October 1-3, 2015. Having a great local host and partner such as Yildiz Technical University supported by Am Cham in Turkey and Istanbul Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) made our conference a great success.

Istanbul is indeed a magical city that truly unites Europe and Asia which significantly added to our conference experience such as the marvelous cruise on the Bosphorus by night“


Carol Panza, ISPI EMEA Board President:

“From my perspective, we found the people of Istanbul to be delightful and the city itself to be absolutely beautiful. For me, as in any city that attracts many, many tourists, there were a great many vendors vying for your attention and trying to sell their wares or attract you into their restaurants. However, for the most part, these vendors were not the aggressive, never-take-"no"-for-an-answer type that you find in many to most touristy cities. They wanted a chance to convince you, but did actually take no for answer and with good humor, for the most part.

The city of Istanbul is a magical place that also has all of the travel amenities that you could want and an array of hotels and restaurants to meet the needs of any size or type of conference group, with the added benefit of reasonable prices. Further, since our participants come from all over the world, Istanbul was a great location, offering direct flight access from many places.

We received very positive feedback for our dinner cruise on the Bosphorus with an outstanding view of Istanbul by night and from the water.

And, our participants greatly appreciated the tourist and travel information provided to us by the CVB!”