Green Istanbul’s Sustainability Initiatives

Istanbul CVB is one of the support of green initiatives in the city. Several meeting venues including Istanbul CVB members in Istanbul lead a variety of initiatives that create a natural environment, reduce energy usage and use minimal non-renewable resources. As a huge cosmopolitan city Istanbul, has 193 five and four star hotels and many hotels and meeting venues with different certificates highlighting their environmentally friendly practices and technologies.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Green Star Certification Program is encouraging more and more hotels in the city. Green Star Hotels: With the component regarding the promotion and support of Green Star Certification Program is aimed to encourage Environment-Friendly Hotels which is one the most important campaigns conducted by Ministry of Culture and Tourism concerning sustainable tourism. Within this scope, tourism sector have been informed about Green Star Certification Program including environment protection and environment-friendly infrastructures, pollution prevention and control etc. So it begins with the hotel but impacts on the trends of the users in all areas and also makes tourism more sustainable – one of the most important sectors economically and peripherally.

The Hotel Greening Project: Bureau Veritas and the Turkish Hotels and Investors Association (TUROB) came together to give a green light to The Hotel Greening Project in order to move the environmental agenda forward with İstanbul’s hotels by encouraging them to implement environmentally friendly strategies. The pilot project came to life during the 5th World Water Forum’s 'Green Forum Initiative' to raise awareness on hotel greening techniques and also to encourage participating hotels to take the first step toward greener accommodation. Hotels volunteering to participate in the Hotel Greening Project were audited according to measurements of energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management practices, among other criteria. As consciousness for the environment grows day by day, environmentally managed hotels are receiving more and more interest. Tourism is one of the most consuming service sectors. So, with the motto “Conservation & Use”, the hospitality sector should be the leader of sustainability in tourism and environment. The Greening Hotels project is a way to improve awareness of both hoteliers and their guests (consumers) to this with hotel managements taking precautions and measures and guests earning new habits and trends. The Greening Hotels project aims to improve energy saving in all areas of hotels from the substructure up to the staff management. Minimum energy wastage without compromising service quality and guest satisfaction are the main concerns. These include the use of the latest A+ energy-saving technologies, employing of environmentally friendly materials in hotel rooms and common areas and educating employees in environment consciousness in order to apply new practices to both offices and guest services.

İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) also is one of the major authority giving great importance to a sustainable environment and a huge contribution to İstanbul’s sustainability.

In addition, to all of these important steps, meeting planners, congress organisers, corporations and associations can help promote green efforts in Istanbul by contributing to reforestation and other environmental cleaning projects led by NGOs.