A QUICK TALK with North Fiebig, President of German Travel Association

Quick chat with North Fiebig on EMITT FAIR, 26-29 January 2017

Istanbul is one of the most interesting metropolis in the world so to say. It is of great interest to the normal visitors, tourists and great importance for congresses and meetings. Because it has so much to offer and you are into world that what people do appreciate. There is so much going on. Germans are quite keen of coming to Istanbul because of the culture, because of the cuisine, because of all the historic places. And the other point is that the Germans has to say more or less love to visit Turkish and we are very close to Turkish people. 3 million Turkish people are living in Germany, and they are culturally were close to them and they do like them. The reason why Germans love to come to Türkiye, and they love to come to big melting point like Istanbul.

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